Who is a ‘proper’ football fan? – predavanje 24. marta na Filozofskom fakultetu

Sekcija za feministička istraživanja i kritičke studije maskuliniteta vas poziva na javno predavanje

Who is a ‘proper’ football fan?

Public perceptions, personal reflections koje će održati profesor John Hughson, 24.marta na Filozofskom fakultetu u Beogradu, sa početkom u 18 h (sala 108 na prvom spratu). Predavanje će biti na engleskom jeziku, bez prevodjenja.


A‘proper’ football fan is usually regarded as someone who gives his/her undivided support to a team and who follows the team by going to matches on a regular basis. A problem with the presumption and assertion of such an identity is that it effectively excludes other identity positions, those of women and men who do not match up to the ‘proper’ fan status. The presentation challenges the notion of a ‘proper football fan’. It does so by considering the authenticity or validity of fandom beyond the conventional understanding in regard to football. The usefulness of the term ‘fan’ is itself challenged within the discussion. The presentation will contain an autobiographical element, through which the presenter will reflect upon his own ‘fan’ position. The presentation will conclude with thoughts on the future of fandom in the projected brave new world of football mega-leagues.

About prof. John Hughson

john. lecture. 24.mart.beogradJohn Hughson is Professor of Sport and Cultural Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. His books include The Making of Sporting Cultures; The Uses of Sport; Confronting Culture: Sociological Vistas; and Sport in the City: Cultural Connections. England and the 1966 World Cup: A Cultural Historyis to be published by Manchester University Press in June 2016. John is a senior academic consultant to the National Football Museum of England and is presently supervising six doctoral projects related to socio-cultural aspects of football. He is senior editorial team member of the academic journals Sport in Society and Soccer & Society and is on the editorial boards of the journals Cultural Sociology and Ethnography.



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