Call for Papers – Mappying Misogyny in Serbia in the 21st Century: Discources and Practices (vol 3) – Abstract Deadline 30. September!


Call for Papers

SEFEM is announcing the preparation of collection of articles, under the title: „MAPPYING MISOGYNY IN SERBIA IN THE 21st CENTURY: DISCOURCES AND PRACTICES“ (Volume III) (co-editors Marina Hughson and Lilijana Čičkarić)

Authors of all disciplinary backgrounds in social sciences and humanities are invited to send their abstracts in B/H/S or in English language to the following mail:

This thematic collection of articles is a continuation of the project which started in 1998, and has so far resulted in two volumes (2000, and 2004), gathering more than sixty authors from Serbia and some from the region.

These volumes can be downloaded from:

About the project, how and why it was initiated and what role it has played in the feminist and public scenes in Serbia, more could be found on:

The third volume is focusing on misogyny in Serbia in the 21st century. Topics can include different expressions of misogyny in public and private, in society and culture. Preferably they should be research based and concentrate on concrete contemporary examples.

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission deadline: 30 September, 2017
  • First round of notifications: 15 October, 2017
  • Submission of papers: December 31, 2017
  • Expected publication date: June, 2018          

Guidelines for authors:

  • Manuscripts are accepted in B/H/S n and English.
  • The Editors shall forward constructive comments to the author(s).
  • Paper should be submitted only in word format (.doc or .docx).
  • On the first (title) page in the left upper corner should be written name(s), main professional/academic affiliation(s) and e-mail address(es), of authors.
  • Manuscript should be submitted in Latin alphabet.
  • Page format A4 (210X297 mm), font size 11, and line spacing double throughout.
  • Recommended font Times New Roman.
  • Length of papers should be between 4000 and 6000 words.
  • Graphs and tables are counted as 250 words (1/2 page) or 500 words (full page).
  • If photos are provided copy rights should be ensured.
  • Abstract (around 200 words) should describe the aims, methods, findings and conclusions.
  • Key words (up to 6) should be key notions from the article.
  • If paper is in B/H/S, both, abstract and key words should be written in B/H/S and in English.
  • Subheadings below level 3 are not recommended.
  • Acknowledgments, if any, should be written after the paper, before references.
  • Footnotes instead of endnotes should be used, but not too excessively.


At the end of citation in the brackets write last name of author(s), publishing year and number of page.

  • Example of referencing of publication of one author: (Giddens, 1986: 68).
  • Example of referencing of publication of two authors (Horkheimer i Adorno, 1947: 77).
  • Example of referencing of multiple publications: (Fauconnet, 1928: 36; Barthes, 1971: 183).
  • Example of referencing publication without authors: (Declaration, 1948: 2).
  • Example of referencing publication of one author in case there are other cited publications of the same author with same year of publication: (Durkheim, 1915c: 45).

Reference List

After the article provide full list of references.
References should be listed in alphabetical order.
Book: last, first name of author, year of publishing, title in italics, place of publishing and publisher.
Article in the book: last, first name of author, year of publishing, title, in, last and first name of editor(s), acronym for editors (in brackets), title of book in italic, place of publishing and publisher.
Article in journal: last, first name of author, year of publishing, title of article, title of journal in italic, number of issue, number of first and last page of the article.

  • Book: Giddens, Anthony. 1990. Sociology. Cambridge: Polity Press.
  • Article in the book: Pateman, Carole. 1988. The Fraternal Social Contract, u: Keane, Jeane (ur.).Civil Society and the State. London: Verso Press.
  • Article in the journal: Kateb, George 1987. Death and Politics: Hannah Arendt’s Reflections on the American Constitution. Social Research, god. 54, br. 3: 605-616.

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