In Memory of Marina Hughson – Jeff Hearn

“Marina was a wonderful, unique person,  a dear friend, very supportive colleague, great writer, academic and political analyst, a firm critic, and a much loved and leading activist in the Women’s Movement in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. She was involved in EU ENWISE Gender and Science and numerous other projects, especially in Central and East Europe, but also beyond in Western region of Asia and elsewhere, and numerous publications on semi-periphery, epistemology, women and science, economic development, de-development, migration, misogyny (2 giant volumes!), gender equality, the transnational, men and masculinities, sport, FIFA, corruption, work, organisations, the forestry industry, state privatisation, post-soviet times, and much more.

Personally, we connected on many levels … even whilst being “just a bit intense” sometimes. She was a true inspiration. Knowing and working with her has been one of the joys of my life”.

Jeff Hearn, Senior Professor, Gender Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Orebro University Sweden



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