Silvana Carotenuto, Renata Jambrešić Kirin and Sandra Prlenda (eds) (2014) A Feminist Critique of Knowledge Production


  • how to (re)activate critical feminist epistemology strengthening links between pedagogy, artistic practices and activism
  • how to claim and popularize feminist intellectual heritage which promote pluralism, alterity and emancipation
  • how to combine  women’s study of local/regional phenomena with the study of transnational processes
  • how to critically assess the differential development of women’s/gender studies in the university systems of Central and Eastern Europe as well as other world regions
  • how to strategically use socialist, (neo)Marxist, radical and new materialist insights in order to counter deeply embedded capitalist systems of hierarchy, uneven distribution and exchange
  • how to disenchant the terms ‘partnership’, ‘collaboration’, ‘consultation’ and ‘participation’ misused in the discourse of cross-sectoral partnerships between government, academia, civil society and the private sector (V. Schubert)
  • how to struggle against the agnotism or agnotologic capitalism, „a capitalism systemically based on the production and maintenance of ignorance“ (M. Betancourt)
  • how to encourage decolonial agency in the context of global coloniality and  “vanished second world” (M. Tlostanova)

Link for download  – http://A Feminist Critique of Knowledge Production



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