Gender in the Global Research Landscape – Elsevier 2017


Istraživanje o rodnoj perspektivi u 27 naučnih oblasti u poslednjih 20 godina u svetu –

Gender in the Global Research Landscape


  • The proportion of women among researchers and inventors is increasing in all twelve comparator countries and regions over time.
  • Women publish fewer research papers on average than men, but there is no evidence that this affects how their papers are cited or downloaded.
  • Women are less likely than men to collaborate internationally on research papers.
  • Women are slightly less likely than men to collaborate across the academic and corporate sectors on research papers.
  • In general, women’s scholarly output includes a slightly larger proportion of highly interdisciplinary research than men’s.
  • Among researchers, women are generally less internationally mobile than men.
  • Gender research is growing in terms of size and complexity, with new topics emerging over time.
  • The former dominance of the United States in gender research has declined as research activity in the European Union has risen.



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