Mapiranje mizoginije u 21. veku: diskursi i prakse ! – ROK ZA SLANJE APSTRAKATA JE 30. APRIL !


SEFEM priprema treći tom zbornika pod nazivom MAPIRANJE MIZOGINIJE U 21. VEKU: DISKURSI I PRAKSE – (urednice: Marina Hjuson i Lilijana Čičkarić) Zbornik predstavlja treći tom u seriji “Mapiranje mizoginije” i deo je projekta koji je započeo 1998. godine i trajao do 2004. je okupio preko šezdeset autorki i autora iz različitih disciplina i rezltirao u dva obimna zbornika, koja su… Više

SOCIOLOGIJA – Special Thematic Issue: Feminism, Knowledge Production and Social Change: Critical Perspectives from the Semiperiphery of Europe (2018/1)


  Guest editor of this issue is Marina Blagojević Hughson Papers can be written in B/H/S or English language. Instructions for the authors can be found on: Outline:  Feminism and women’s movements in Eastern and Southeastern Europe continuously generate high level interests in transnational gender study communities. However, the links between sociology, social research and feminism in societies in question are… Više

Call for Papers – European Journal of Politics and Gender- vol.1 no.3


The new EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICS AND GENDER – Flagship journal or ECPG – is very pleased to launch its first call for papers!
EJPG Volume 1 Issue 3
Abstract deadline: September 15 2017

Europe is Burning!
Crises in Contemporary Politics: Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality

The call for papers for ‘Europe is Burning! Crises in Contemporary Politics: Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality’ is now open. The timeline for production of this Issue of EJPG is quite compact: please bear this in mind when submitting your abstracts (300 words) to Abstracts are due September 15th 2017, with articles to be submitted for review by January 19th 2018. The final articles will be published in the third issue of EJPG’s first volume, to be published in 2018. Papers are 8.000 words (including references). Instructions for authors can be found here:
Any other queries please contact the editors at

Call for Papers – Mappying Misogyny in Serbia in the 21st Century: Discources and Practices (vol 3) – Abstract Deadline 30. September!


Call for Papers SEFEM is announcing the preparation of collection of articles, under the title: „MAPPYING MISOGYNY IN SERBIA IN THE 21st CENTURY: DISCOURCES AND PRACTICES“ (Volume III) (co-editors Marina Hughson and Lilijana Čičkarić) Authors of all disciplinary backgrounds in social sciences and humanities are invited to send their abstracts in B/H/S or in English language to the following mail:… Više